Thursday 28/10/2010

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Wednesday 27/10/2010

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Thursday 21/10/2010

Quick Color Edit Tutorial

I have been getting lots of requests for how I do my color in photoshop. And then I remembered a couple years ago I made a video, so to hold those who want to know over till I have time to make a improved tutorial this one will work because I pretty much do the same thing. (: Anyway, it’s video form, so I reallllllly hope you all enjoy.

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Wednesday 20/10/2010

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Saturday 16/10/2010

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I have read about all the suicides lately due to bullying and it makes me wonder how anyone could be so mean and hurtful to the point where they make someone think life is not worth living. It makes me sad to hear about these young teens sometimes even pre-teens who have committed suicide because they were bullied so badly they figured life without them would make everyone happier. It is disgusting to me. Why?

I read about a girl who killed herself and the girls who harassed her; went to her funeral looked upon her in her casket and laughed at her, while saying how bad she looked even dead. Her mother was right there, her mother heard, on top of losing her child, she had to see and hear how disrespectful someone could be and her daughter was not even on this earth to defend herself. What have we become today?

                                                                             IT GETS BETTER :hug:

                Remember, bullying has it’s consiquences. Is it worth it to bully someone to death? I think not.

         Please remember, we all have feelings. How would you feel if you were treated like you treat others?

                                                     Think before you act; it can save lives.


                                                  Reblog if you care.

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Thursday 14/10/2010

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Sunday 26/9/2010

Support My Love? :)

If you have liked any of the pieces you have seen in my tumblr, feel free to support me and help me out by purchasing one of my pieces or any other you might find to your liking at the link I will provide below. I also just want to thank all my followers. :)


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